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In Fine Arts for All, we strive to bring people together with the power of art and music. The arts are sometimes seen as intimidating or inaccessible, and we work to break that stigma. Learn more about us and join us in bringing artistic change in this world.


Fine Arts for All is an entirely student-led registered Georgia nonprofit dedicated to art-and-music-based community service. We work to make the arts accessible and use our art to serve others in any way possible.

With a presence in eleven states and two countries, Fine Arts for All is a large-scale organization with the heart and soul of a local neighborhood club.


Our Fine Arts For All team has compiled a monthly email newsletter of updates regarding our ongoing projects! Subscribe with the link below to get connected with Fine Arts For All and stay in the loop for future volunteer events with us.

Help Us With Our Work

Want to get involved?

Any and all proceeds go towards instrument purchase, instrument maintenance, and site maintenance. Donations are not necessary to use our services but are greatly appreciated!

Our service depends on our volunteers to teach music lessons and lead art sessions. If you have a musical or artistic background, consider volunteering with us. More help is always welcome!


Claire Hong

Claire Hong is our February volunteer of the month! Claire is a junior at North Gwinnett High School and works as a viola instructor and on our Communications team. Claire has been integral to FAFA since its inception, and we're recognizing her this month for her hard work on our theory course development team.

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