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Piano•Violin•Viola•Cello•bASS•gUITAR•Ukulele•Clarinet•flute•trombone•Bassoon•sAXOPHONE•dRUMS•mANY mORE!

What We DID

We offered 30 minute virtual music lessons for students of all experience levels from March to October 2020. This involved over 60 students of all experience levels taught by over 50 volunteers. We began this initiative as we noticed that middle school orchestra programs had been effectively stopped due to the pandemic lockdown. Eventually, we expanded to other instruments and skill levels, being able to impact many people!

How We DID It

All of our lessons were held virtually on the video-calling platform of the student's choice (ex. Zoom, Skype, Facetime) by our student volunteers,  who were from the best high school and collegiate musicians across the country. Students were free to work on whatever they choose in each lesson or leave it to their teacher to assign them a piece.

Our Impact



lessons taught,

with students and volunteers in eleven U.S. states and two countries

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