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Claire Hong:

Viola Instructor


"Hi! My name is Claire Hong and I play viola, and I was a state tennis champion."

Claire Hong is our February Volunteer of the Month! As our Journalist and an integral part of our theory course development team, Claire brings her considerable musical and artistic expertise to every lesson planned and every flyer designed.


Anand Krishnan:

Violin Instructor


"Hi, my name is Anand Krishnan! I play the violin and also sing Indian classical music."

Anand Krishnan is our January Volunteer of the Month! Since the beginning of last summer, Anand has dedicated his time to the community, first as a violin instructor, and now as the Development Director on our logistics team. We are honoring Anand this month for his continued hard work and dedication, which has been integral to the success of our initiatives, such as our holiday card initiatives.


Jason Mok:

Clarinet Instructor


"Hi, my name is Jason and I am a clarinet player who loves listening to all types of music!"

Jason Mok is our December Volunteer of the Month! After working with us as a teacher since the beginning of the summer, Jason recently joined our leadership board. This month, he was instrumental in running logistics for our holiday card initiative. We couldn't have done it without him.


Daniel Kim:

Clarinet Instructor


"Hi, I’m Daniel! I’m a clarinet player and I love to spend my free time outdoors."

Daniel Kim is our November Volunteer of the Month! Daniel continuously proves to be an invaluable teacher, leader, and member of the FAFA community. For his continued dedication to his work in our logistics department, Daniel is honored this month.


Nabil Kassam:

Piano Instructor


"Нi, my name is Nabil, I’m a pianist and I enjoy spreading my love of music with those in my community!"

Nabil Kassam is our October Volunteer of the Month! Nabil is never afraid to take on responsibility, always looking for more places he can help. ​From his work as a teacher to his efforts as part of our theory course development team, Nabil exemplifies what we hope every FAFA volunteer can be like.


Ellie Park:

Violin Instructor


"Hi, my name is Ellie, and I love playing in quartets with my friends!"

Ellie Park is our September Volunteer of the Month! As well as teaching violin lessons, Ellie runs our Instagram account, and has grown our social media presence considerably since taking over. Without her, many of our initiatives would not be possible.


Erika Cho:

Viola Instructor


"Hey guys, I'm Erika and I'm the rare case of  an extroverted violist :)"

Erika Cho is our August Volunteer of the Month! Erika is an integral part of our music program's leadership. This month, she's going off to study viola performance at the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Music, and we wanted to honor her for all her hard work this summer.


Mackenzie Kormann:

Bassoon/Piano Instructor


“I’m Mackenzie! I’m a rising senior from Marietta, Georgia. Some fun facts about me are that I play 7 instruments, I used to sail boats, and I’m fluent in French!”

Mackenzie is our May Volunteer of the Month! Ever since joining us as a music teacher, Mackenzie has consistently stepped up and proven herself to be one of our most versatile volunteers, confidently taking on any new tasks at hand.


Eugine Chung:

Volunteer Artist


"Hi! I’m Eugine Chung and my proudest accomplishment is playing over 300+ hours in animal crossing. "

Eugine Chung is our July Volunteer of the Month! Eugine has been a driving force in shaping our art program since she first joined last summer. We are recognizing her this month for her outstanding leadership in our mask-making initiative.


Luke Deutschman:

Guitar Instructor


"My name is Luke Deutschman! I’m 5’5, can run a 5 minute mile, and got the ‘made Shaxx proud’ medal in Destiny 2."

Luke Deutschman is our June Volunteer of the Month! Luke is one of our most hardworking guitar instructors, and also put in a lot of hard work this month in designing our website. His students' comments on his teacher evaluations were particularly impressive.


Alice Huh:

Flute/Piano Instructor


“I'm Alice! I like to draw, play takes, or nap in my free time, though I've recently taken to making fun drinks.”

Alice is our inaugural Volunteer of the Month! Alice has been with us since the beginning and is one of our most dedicated volunteers, demonstrating leadership in both our art and music programs. When we made the transition to online lessons, Alice quickly became one of our most dependable teachers.

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